SL-TC range


Tower Crane Lifts

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CH range

Conceived to facilitate, speed up and preserve safety when accessing the upper part of tower cranes. It will transport the controller to your workplace in a short period of time, thus increasing operating hours.

Being an external installation, it is adaptable to different tower sections without modifications in the structure of the mast or guide section, being able to maintain a wide distance between bracing and facilitating assembly.

Modularity allows access from the right or left side of the guide section, facilitating adaptation to different brands and models of crane.

It can also be installed on the inside of the crane, after adapting to your requirements.
In both cases it can be used as a maintenance platform.

According to EN 81-43


SL 20i

The best internal and personalized solution for accessing the tower crane cabin.

Speed: 22 m/min | Maximum load: 200 Kg



Modular, robust, intuitive, and of high quality in each one of its components.

Speed: 22 m/min | Maximum load: 200 Kg

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