TP range


Transport Platform

Efficiency and safetyCH range


Our TP range optimizes your costs to the maximum both in new construction and in rehabilitation projects.

Its modular design in single or twin configuration allows it to have multiple variants in terms of cabin measurements and load capacity.

They have been considered the most demanding work environments to guarantee their quality and durability.

By adding leading brands in motorization and electronics, they make our TP range a reference product.

It has never made more sense to say: Increase Efficiency and Safety

According to EN 16719 / ANSI A92.10 / CSA B354.12-17 



Designed for projects with limited space and where a large payload capacity is not required.

Speed: 12-24 m/min  |  Maximum load: 500 Kg a 1000 Kg

TP5 - 0822 STP5 - 1032 S



Suitable for transporting materials with large dimensions and where a medium-high load capacity is required.

Speed: 12-24 m/min  |  Maximum load: 1500 Kg  a  4000 Kg

TP7 - 1532 S | TP7 - 2032 S | TP7 - 4032 T